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Xander's Page!

Hello, and welcome to Xander's Page.
We hope you have fun visiting with him!

Xander's full name is Alexander Bryan Umble; he was born March 15, 1997. People usually remember his birthday because he was born on the Ides of March. Xander is a wonderful little boy who has "severely moderate autism". His speech is very limited and he has trouble playing, but he's very happy! He can say a few words, like "more", "cup", "cracker", "ca-key" (candy), "cookie", "uh-oh", "open", and "Ben, no!" Right now, I'm working to get him to use these words more consistently. Sometimes, we use picture cards instead of words. For example, Xan can hand me a picture of his sippy cup instead of asking for juice.
He loves Blue's Clues and carries parts of a notebook with him everywhere. He also loves to wear a shirt just like Steve's (from Blues Clues).

This is Xander's main page. I am putting up a list of pages to visit, to make it easier to navigate the pages.

Recent Pictures of Xander
Pooltime Fun
Early Pictures of Xander
Pumpkin Patch 1998
Halloween 1998
Xander's Second Birthday
Xander's Second Birthday Portrait

Xander loves all music. He loves to play the piano. While he enjoys his three toy pianos, he especially loves real pianos. We discovered that he also enjoys the drums when his Uncle Bryan gave him and Ben this drumset for Christmas (1998). (Thanks, Uncle Bryan!)

Here is Xander being silly with Grandma!(Christmas 2000)
We got this hat for Ben for Halloween, but Xander had such a good time wearing it.
October 2000.

In case you're wondering why you're listening to the "Law & Order" theme song, Xander loves it. He can hear it from any room in the house and will come running whenever it comes on.

We'll try to keep this page updated as often as possible!
Xander's started a scrapbook! Come and see it!