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Our Links
Here is a list of links to sites that we have enjoyed. We hope that you will visit some of them and enjoy them, too!

Friendly Sites
My Brother Bryan's Site
The Kingdom of Sir Megabyte
This is a site made by a friend of ours. It's all about their family and interests.
Hyde's Hideaway
This is the site that gave us our first award!
Parenting in Poverty


These are sites that I've used in making this one!

Joey's Page
Blue's Clues Graphics
Willie's Blue's Clues Pages

Other Good Sites:
Join the MyPoints Program. Earn Free Rewards!
Amnesty International on-line

Get a free Book of Mormon
Totally Fredericksburg
Learn all about our hometown.
F.A.R.M.S. Archaelogical research about the Book of Mormon.
This is a fun site (okay, Joe uses it for its serious side, but I just think it's fun) where you can take quizzes like "What biblical hero are you?" and "Are you a narcissist?
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Free-For-All Links
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